Art is ‘Let’s Make it Easy’

rencontre einstein bergson Welcome to my online gallery of paintings. The paintings presented here were done  by me over a period of 12 years.I chose an order of precedence, the  recent paintings have been included for public view initially.The older ones too will be up for view in the times to come.This painting episode of my life ,spanning 12 years, began in 2006 and is continuing. My adventure in art began spontaneously and,quite randomly, one evening  more than 40 years ago and this self-declared aesthetic share of myself remained intact without the moderation of any formal training in the field. I do not know why I was always opposed to the accepted norm of schooling in art, although I recall with fondness the suggestions from distinguished well wishers to attend art training. Therefore, my paintings are assumed to be out of the established evaluation parameters for art.Life is blessed with its own flow, so is adventure and how can art be any different from this! Your visit to my online gallery is a reason for celebration. I shall be obliged as a recipient of your esteemed feedback which includes ‘constructive’ as well as ‘destructive’ criticism! With your much valuable acknowledgement I take claim to be the owner of all the displayed items in the galleries of this site, the accompanying texts, blogs, the catchphrase “Art is ‘Let’s Make it Easy”’ and all the necessary updates in the future.

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