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partner an der uni kennenlernen I have subscribed to creative freedom to write something here because it seems I have just begun afresh on a messily rubbed slate. Whatever else I have done in the past won’t fit the bill here. It is the routine and random things-a undergraduate university degree-B.Sc.(Physics), a  graduate degree in Business Management (M.B.A.),interviews, jobs, project management etc etc. Oh yes, an early and a happy stint as a writer of some sorts in new newspapers in my town (Guwahati city).All these activities spanned the entire 90s decade. It continued till the moment I decided to show some of my paintings/drawings online.    The style of writing you just came across might not suit you. Apologies!

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8ème rencontre tottenham/chelsea de 2012 I love to simplify things. This is my weakness. An uncomplicated state is an eternal supporter of creativity. I cannot deny the understanding that has, of late, started behaving like some kind of a bodyguard. It is quite impossible to mobilise myself against the thoughts arising from the understanding- the bodyguard we just met- that I must take my steps in the uncharted direction of creativity. I still do not have the courage to associate my small offerings with the word art. To call one a “Self Taught Artist” is again a lot of explanations. But to live without this definition is full of perils; how can one stand with his head held entry level high in a world as shiny,glossy and as patchy as art.

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my company I am a self-taught painter/artist. In the year 1979 I won a second prize for a drawing and painting competition. It was a lovely surprise as a very young kid. No, I did not enroll in any art school. I just copied at lightning speed the fantastic images of the Commando and Western comics. This is one of my procedures – how I began self-training.I never bothered myself with resemblance, proportions, lights, shadows, colour schemes etc. It just had to be done, so I did the drawings in my own style. And that childhood of mine has remained with me till now: art is to be done!Right?

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browse around here I am very grateful to my family for the constant and great support in pursuit of my art activities. I will never run out of creative thoughts imbibed in me by my Late Father who actually stimulated my creative sensibility in a very distinguished way-my father never imposed in me his views and ways. And the great catalyst of my creative personality is my mother who in her loving,calm and dignified way always appreciated my creative outputs. She never asked about the meanings of my art,she knows!I owe my thanks for my creative freedom to my siblings and their families and my very few friends. I am ever grateful to BabaKhan, my friend and site administrator, for his dedication in getting  this website live.

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singlebУЖrsen kostenlos app The paintings presented here do not conform to any particular style. Outsider Art or Art Brut appears on the horizon.Yes, I am drawn to this category of art form. The output of untrained creative people, many of whom confined by debilitating circumstances, mostly mental, take to express themselves through basic but extremely brilliant and captivating visions. These are very spontaneous without plans or schemes. If I may be allowed to convey, I do not ever remember starting a painting with a plan or scheme or even a drawing.

opcje binarne ladder Your decision to visit my site is one of the few best things for me and I accept it as your support. I will be ever so delighted and feel lucky to receive your esteemed feedback. And not to miss, Yes, the paintings are of course for sale and I will be extremely delighted to interact with you further on this